My Animal Shelter Story

I have been fortunate enough over the last two years to be able to volunteer my services at my local animal shelter. I use the tools and body processes of Access Consciousness to facilitate for the dogs at the shelter.

Last Friday I was asked to work on a dog who was very ill, he had stopped eating and drinking and lost a lot of weight. They really weren’t sure what was going on with him. I’m always grateful to be able to show up and facilitate for these dogs in these kinds of situations because I know how effective the tools of access can be.

So I was led to one of the staff members office behind the scenes where my new friend Quincy who is a small mix pitbull was in a crate with an IV hooked up to him. I took him out of the crate and started working on him, he seemed very happy with the attention I was giving him as he responded with sloppy kisses and it was easy to facilitate for him. I didn’t get that there were any kind of blockages or cancer in his body.

So I continued doing what I usually do with the animals which is very similar to what I do with people, asking questions and running some body processes and using the clearing statement and just following the energy around the awareness. After about 15 minutes I started to notice a change in his body, something had shifted and he was telling me he had to go outside and I was able to find someone to take the IV off him so I could take him for a walk.

We went outside and sure enough he had to pee and poop , which is usually the case when I start working on their bodies ,they move energy very quickly. At this point I offered him some cookies and he took them one after another after another, which was very cool to see that he got his appetite back so quickly.

I stayed with him for a little while longer before I left for the evening. The staff still seem concerned about his situation based on their evaluations which I totally honored. I’m usually only at the shelter on the weekends, so the following weekend I showed up and was informed that they had done exploratory surgery on Quincy and didn’t find anything.

I was able to go back and take him out of the crate he was in and spend the afternoon with him. He was full of life very strong, vibrant with a very healthy appetite to eat and drink. Oh, I should mention that one of the processes that I ran on Quincy was exit stage left . It was very cool to see what Quincy chose and how he was able to heal himself in such a magical way.

Yeahhh! For the tools of access consciousness🙄

Oh and by the way Quincy wanted me to tell everyone that he is available for adoption if anyone is looking for a small mixed Pit that is lovable, adorable, affectionate, feisty and very aware with a lot of potency!

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