Conscious Awareness with Animals

So what does being consciously aware with your animals look like ?

We all the capacity to be aware so how can your animals contribute to that awareness or having the entire animal kingdom be that contribution ?

So for me it can be greater space to function from which allows for greater possibilities to show up .

Okay so here is a little story from the animal shelter I work at ,where people will ask me so what’s going on in Sami’s world she has been here for several months and no one has adopted her .

So I take Sami for walk’s asking her question’s and just allowing the energy of who she be to come through which is so juicy and warm to be with .She is a very cool short haired mix medium size very sweet and affectionate I adore being with her .

As I continue to ask question’s and be with her and bye the way I don’t get caught up or become vested in any particular outcome as that path will always cut off what is really possible .

So one day I asked a staff member if I could take Sami out with me for a few hours ,they gave me the OK very cool. So now Sami and I are off to Saratoga for the afternoon ,she is such a pleasure to be with she’s very settled riding in my car .

Now we get to downtown Saratoga and we find a bench to sit at ,I have a scarf on her that says adopt me ,she’s getting a lot of attention as people see her and pick up her sweet energy.

Its kinda like when you see a baby and you just want to melt ,you get the picture .

So the awareness that I’m getting from all this is what if Sami is just choosing to be here in service to all us and from that space she is touching us and opening up a place in all of us that is who we truly be ?

“What else is possible “?



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