Awareness for Animal Communication

Do animals speak to us through there energetic presence and are we willing to receive their gifts ?

I awoke this morning with this sense of being in a dream state , these things always feel kinda strange to me , especially coming out of them .

The image that stuck out for me was this dog in the back seat of my car rolling on its back in a relaxed position , remember my story from last week with Bella ….well it could of been her or was it just that energy ?

Any way I went to the animal shelter this morning to do what I do( walk dogs and be with the energy) and interestingly enough I came upon Hazel a solid chocolate Pit Bull mix .

I went into her kennel to get her and again that familiar energy was there that I get from animals, that invitation to be with them ….its sooo coool !

So we proceeded to go for a walk, we get outside and I was perceiving this calmness she had about her , not so much in hurry like some of the other dog’s when they get outside .

She wanted to stop and lie down so she did and I gave her some treats as I do with all the dog’s .I started doing some processing on her and she responded by rolling on her back and there it was the image from my morning dream .

Was it a dream as I called it or was I getting an awareness from Hazel to be with her today knowing that I was going to the animal shelter ?

We spent the better part of an hour enjoying each other ‘s presence , she had some stuff for me to clear and I did ,she let it go with ease.Its sooo coool to see there bodies transition to the changes.

I’m sooo grateful to receive the awareness…oh and bye the way did I tell you I’m always asking for more awareness however it shows up and it just so happens I get to choose the animal kingdom to contribute to a play ground of greater possibilities 🙂

“How can it get even better than that” ? “What else is possible ” ?



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