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Just wanted to share with you some more awareness around my last story about working with Pyro .

Have you ever questioned your capacity to receive information from animals and your willingness to communicate with them from a space that you didn’t think was possible ?

Well… I did !

As I continued to visit the farm and facilitate with Pyro I got more awareness from him and what he was requiring .

I showed one day looking for Pyro and found him outside in a paddock with another horse , the people at the farm had decided that this mare Summer Girl would be a good companion for him.

I went in the paddock to get him and take him for a walk and let him graze and munch on some more grass, which he absolutely loved .

Well to my surprise he acted a little skidish and agitated and was in a big hurry to get out of the paddock he was in.

I was immediately aware of what was going on , that’s how fast our knowingness works when we are willing to be aware.

I was getting hits from him that he wasn’t to happy about being in this paddock with Summer Girl . The people at the farm thought it was a good idea for them to be together , but they never thought to ask the Horse’s “Would this be a contribution to them” ?

When I work with animals I’m constantly in the question , asking question’s , that’s where the awareness comes from .

We went for or walk and he grazed in the grass as I ran some more processes on him . When I went to bring him back into the paddock he bolted through the gate ,he did it with such quickness and force , he was about 17 hands and weighed over 1000lbs, you really have to be very aware when working with horses ,they are very strong and quick to react.

I had a conversation after that with some people at the farm and shared my awareness , they had come to the conclusion that it would be best for Pyro to be with Summer Girl.

So I questioned my own awareness about this situation.This wasn’t my farm ,Pyro wasn’t my horse and maybe they know better ?

.So this story I’m telling you is leading up to what happened the next time I came to work with Pyro.

He was in the paddock with Summer Girl ,he wasn’t coming to the gate so I had to walk in and get him. The paddock was very muddy and I had to carefully choose my steps .

As I continued to walk towards him he was ahead of me on the left and Summer Girl was on the right ,when I got close enough to reach his head and clip a lead line on him I turned to walk away with him and in an instant he bolted with such force,he hit me with the right side of his body with such power and force that it pushed me several feet a head of him.

Remember it was very muddy and wet in the paddock.

All of this happened so fast I had know time to react or think , it was just a matter of seconds .

I felt this incredible energetic awareness , that’s the best way I can describe it, when Pyro’s body hit mine he actually pushed me forward about 10 to 15 feet I managed to stay on my feet I don’t know how but I did.

I was like… what the hell just happened , I had know fear, I wasn’t hurt , my feet and left leg were a little muddy, that was it.

I stood there with him for a minute or so and thought ,I could have been trampled ,knocked unconscious ,seriously injured or maybe even killed by this horse.

But that wasn’t happnin that day ,he wasn’t gonna hurt me, he was just trying to show me to trust myself and my awareness and to go with my knowingness of who I truly be.

When you make choices based on conclusion’s rather than asking question’s and being willing to receive awareness you limit yourself from all possibilities .

You see our animals can give us everything we just have to be willing to receive their gifts.

May the Horse be with you !


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