Horse Whisperer / Animal Communication / Energy Healing

Here is a story i’d like to share with you when I volunteered at a local rescue farm. I worked on a horse at a local rescue farm, his name is Pyro a former thorobred that found his way to the farm by way of his owner passing. The story they told me about him […]

Facilitating Healing Energy with Animals

Would you be willing to choose a different possibility from your knowingness ? Well I did today and it turned out to be very cool ! This morning I decided to go my local animal shelter where I volunteer walking dogs and facilitating for them…. you might ask how do I facilitate…. I ask them […]

Awareness for Animal Communication

Do animals speak to us through there energetic presence and are we willing to receive their gifts ? I awoke this morning with this sense of being in a dream state , these things always feel kinda strange to me , especially coming out of them . The image that stuck out for me was […]

Conscious Awareness with Animals

So what does being consciously aware with your animals look like ? We all the capacity to be aware so how can your animals contribute to that awareness or having the entire animal kingdom be that contribution ? So for me it can be greater space to function from which allows for greater possibilities to […]

The Shelter Story

I have been volunteering at my local animal shelter for the past 10 months. In that time I’ve had some great connections, awarenesses and experiences with the dogs. There are quite a variety of dogs there – a lot of pit bulls seem to show up at the shelter and I had never had the […]

My Animal Shelter Story

I have been fortunate enough over the last two years to be able to volunteer my services at my local animal shelter. I use the tools and body processes of Access Consciousness to facilitate for the dogs at the shelter. Last Friday I was asked to work on a dog who was very ill, he […]